Since 1988 we’ve had the pleasure of working with many wonderful students and parents. We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of so many families. Below is a small sample of some of the testimonials we have received.


“To whom it may concern:

My name is Laura Henselwood and I am a retired Toronto Police Officer. I was in this position for almost 20 years, the last eight as the school Liaison Officer. My Husband Ron Henselwood was also a Toronto Police Officer for over 31 years and is currently the Municipal Bylaw Officer for the Municipality of Dysart et al.

We both are friends of Peter Thyrring, Headmaster of St. Peter’s ACHS College School for Boys. I was employed by Peter from January 2014 until his recent relocation to Amherstburg. My position with St. Peter’s ACHS College School was in the capacity of teachers assistant and resource staff. My duties consisted of grading students work as well as transporting and chaperoning its students on various school trips and outings. In addition I also assisted the ACHS and its summer camp programs.

I had much interaction with Peter and his students. From day one I was most impressed with the educational style employed at St. Peter’s ACHS College School along with its results. As a School Liaison Officer in Toronto, 31 Division, I had occasion to observe many teaching techniques and as a Police Officer was able to see the results.

I found St. Peter’s ACHS College School students to be academically and behaviourally far superior. St. Peter’s ACHS College School students knew the expectations and results if not obtained or adhered to. Working at St. Peter’s ACHS College School was a very enjoyable experience where I myself learned as well. If I still had school aged children, they certainly would be enrolled at St. Peter’s ACHS College School. I recommend this school for both its educational and disciplinary philosophies.”

Ron and Laura Henselwood

“Dear Prospective Parent,

Three years ago, we made the decision to enroll our sons at St. Peter’s ACHS College School in Haliburton. At the time we were looking for an alternative education program and chose private schooling at ACHS as they offered a high academic standard and promoted self-discipline.

Having an environment in which boys can learn and evolve without traditional restrictions really appealed to us. The one on one style of learning has allowed the boys to excel at their own level and the daily physical education they receive has been beneficial to their well-being.

Headmaster, Peter Thyrring, has an extraordinary understanding of each and every one of his student’s personalities and what motivates them. He uses this to his advantage to help them develop and succeed and realize their full potential.

It has been a great investment for us as we are extremely happy that our sons have had so many more opportunities and have benefited so much academically by attending ACHS. They have become very respectful well rounded young men. We feel they will be better prepared for whatever challengers come their way in the future.

Their success is measured by the fact that they both have been accepted to Rosseau Lake College to continue their secondary education. We are forever grateful for the positive strides we have observed in our sons’ growth and development. The lessons learned at ACHS have been invaluable and ones they will carry with them as they go through life. We couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience.”

Brad and Dana Manning

“To: Prospective St. Peter’s ACHS College Students and Parents

Quality of education is a crucial factor in the future prospects of every child. A school that gives children the opportunity to learn to the full extent of their abilities while providing good moral guidance is something are these days. At first, the cost of tuition weigh in a parent’s mind but after seeing the results over time you come to understand that it is an investment that will pay big dividends in your child’s future.

In the three years that our son spent at St. Peter’s ACHS his academic development was tremendous. We were very pleased with the level of instruction provided in the fields of science, history and geography. For example, at the age of 11, our child now has a detailed understanding of human anatomy that would normally be found only at much higher grade levels.

We noticed that our son’s behavior and manners were being positively influenced by his time at St. Peter’s ACHS and this is coming from the direction of headmaster Peter Thyrring. Physical fitness has improved as Peter takes physical education quite seriously and the boys get a workout and a lot of fun in activities such as football, skiing, karate and hockey. My son said to us that Peter can coach the boys to play at a level of hockey that they would never achieve on other teams and this is so evident when St. Peter’s keeps showing up at tournaments with a small band of players and walks out winning.

Results do not come without work and every boy will be asked to try their best and put in more effort than is required in the public system. Most importantly, Peter tailors the work to the student’s personal academic level and St. Peter’s ACHS standards of what constitutes grade level are high. Our son was given the opportunity to pursue his math beyond his grade level while working on his weaker area which is English. We thank Peter Thyrring for all of his guidance and work with our son that enabled him to gain admittance to prestigious St. Michael’s College School in Toronto for September 2014.”

Dr. Zsuzsanna Kaszas and Lawrence Bukta

“Dear Ty,

I hope that you hand Alex are having a terrific summer! Myles had a great time at the recent Paint Ball Camp. He was especially happy to spend time with some of his old classmates from the ACHS Vaughan location.

It is hard to imagine that when Myles first met you and enrolled at St. Peter’s ACHS he was a very shy and inhibited kid. He was nearly two full years behind academically and had recently been diagnosed with a supposed learning disability. In only 36 shorts months he gained a high degree of personal confidence, even demonstrating impressive leadership skills. This was very evident in his recent success at his new school. He is now doing school work at his appropriate grade level and finished the school year with a 76 percent grade point average. This success led to Myles being selected as the Class Valedictorian. Moreover, he was also presented with the school “Pride” award, which is given to the student that exemplifies outstanding character. As well as the school “Feather” award for outstanding athletic achievement.

Sandi and I both firmly believe that Myles’ recent achievements are directly the result of the time that he attended St. Peter’s ACHS. It was during this time that he grew far beyond out expectations both academically and as a person. Your emphasis on discipline and character development is extraordinary. Furthermore, this environment contributed to Myles’ developing a strong work ethic. He now regularly sets goals for himself and works very hard to achieve these goals.

Although Myles’ will continue to face new challenges when he attends high school in September, his mother and I are comfortable knowing that he will do so owning the tools necessary to overcome these challenges. We will be forever indebted to you and your school, as will Myles.

Best of luck in the upcoming school year, your students should appreciate every day that they have with you and your school. While their parents can rest assured that their boys are learning and developing a skill set that will contribute to their very bright futures.

Rob and Sandra Cook, Richmond Hill, ON

“For me St. Peter’s ACHS College School was more than just a school, but a life experience that I think all parents should want for their kids. From the academic education to the sports, to all the amazing trips this school has given me, I feel that I definitely benefited. I feel that my life was more fulfilling and my elementary education all the more enjoyable. It gave me the education I needed to excel in high school and be prepared for the University that I currently attend. Playing for the St. Peter’s hockey team helped to build my hockey career and made me a better player at the GTHL “AAA” level.

By attending St. Peter’s ACHS, I feel that a student gets more than just an education. I feel they receive a life time experience that they will look back on and remember for the rest of their lives. There is so much more I could say about his great school. If you want the best for your kids, you will want them to attend St. Peter’s ACHS College School.”

Domenic Cammalleri, York University

“St. Peter’s ACHS College School is a GREAT SCHOOL. This school helped shape me into the person and student I am today. it is because of St. Peter’s ACHS College School I was able to get into the high school of my choice.”

Zachary DeMeneghi, Holy Trinity School

“St. Peter’s ACHS College School has been instrumental in the development of who I am as a student and athlete. This school provided me with great athletic opportunities, attentive academic instruction, and leadership training. I also enjoyed the growth I developed though independent study. The Christian values that were instilled have supported me as I progress to who I am today.”

Nathan Chiarlitti, St. Michael’s College School - Canadian GTHL bantam, All Star Captain - Toronto Marlboros, M. Midget Assistant Captain - OHL Sarnia Sting 2008-2010

“I like St. Peter’s ACHS College much better than my other school in Florida. I especially like the winter sports and computer program. Since I have been here I am doing much better in school.”

Alex Sisson, Grade Six St. Peter’s ACHS College School

“St. Peter’s ACHS College School was the best choice for us to send our three boys. The school offers a unique and challenging program in which our boys are eager and happy to go each day. Over the years our boys advanced well beyond our expectations. The school has been a great investment with our oldest son now attending St. Andrew’s College in Aurora.”

Mr. and Mrs. Iaboni, Maple, ON

“I have been at St. Peter’s ACHS College School for the past four years. I think it is the best school in the world. We learn and do so many cool things. I wish that all my friends could come here.”

Giorgio Aromatario, Grade 7 St. Peter’s ACHS College School

“My wife and I made a decision to move our son out of the Separate School system and into St. Peter’s ACHS in the last two months of his sixth grade. Our son was admittedly not working enough to realize his potential. He was also falling behind in reading and writing and this was affecting his ability to keep up in other subjects. Despite several commitments from well meaning faculty to help him focus and get caught up, it was out experience that the commitments were often not followed through unless we micro managed the process.

My wife and I were also concerned with the ‘overly cautious and regulated’ school philosophy currently in place in the Separate School Board. Some of the rules seemed to be a little excessive and, in many cases, out right ridiculous. Shouldn’t kids be able to play and have some fun like we did when we were kids?

Our son’s first year at St. peter’s ACHS was really challenging; he spent many late nights working on his homework and finishing projects. It was not easy and there were several days, quite honestly, in the first year when my wife and I began to wonder if we had made the right decision…

Nevertheless, by the time our son graduated from the 8th grade, he had caught up in all academic areas, improved his physical fitness and developed a strong work ethic that is setting him up for success at St. Joan of Arc where he is currently in the 9th grade. Despite graduating with a high ’60′s average’ at St. Peter’s ACHS, out son is currently averaging 80% in his advanced high school studies.

The standards at St. Peter’s ACHS are very high and there is a strict code of discipline grounded in traditional Catholic Christian values. Despite these very demanding standards, our son loved his experience at St. Peter’s and it is our opinion that he learned to much more than he would have in the public education system.

It was our experience that Peter Thyrring and his faculty embrace strong Christian values; they create a disciplined – but caring environment – where the boys can excel both in their academic studies and in their physical education. if your son is prepared to work hard but also have a lot of fun, in a committed environment, then St. Peter’s ACHS could be the right school for your child.”

Harvey Foote