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St. Peter’s ACHS College School is an independent academic Catholic day and or residential boys school grades 1-8. Since 1990, our school with its small classes has offered an awesome and challenging academic school program using and combining religion, sports and a “hands on” approach as a part of its academic base.

Our unique program is designed specifically for boys “to put the fun back into learning” and has allowed students to progress at their own rate of speed and development. Our enriched academic program encompasses, and in many areas has surpassed the Ontario Ministry of Education School Curriculum expectations and guidelines.

Over the years many of our graduates have found success and have experienced smooth transition to high school. Much of that success is largely in part attributed to the foundations gained through the unique and individualized program offered at the St. Peter’s ACHS College School.


Our vision is simple “Create a safe, fun, interactive learning environment for boys with a strong emphasis on excelling academically and physically at their own level and pace”.


Our mission is to provide a unique innovative approach that makes students excited about learning.


ACHS School is located in the town of Harrow, Ontario at 243 McAffee Street (Harrow Arena, 2nd floor). The school is located approximately 20min. from Windsor.


St. Peter’s ACHS College School has a designated school uniform which is to be worn in its entirety at all times. This includes a summer and winter uniform as well as a full gym uniform. Students are expected to be well groomed with natural colour hair which is not to extend below the shirt collar or eye level. Earrings and jewelry are not permitted.

House System

The House System at our school is a means of encouraging students to take an active interest in the life of the school through their involvement in academic, athletic, and artistic activities. At our school we have four houses. Each student is a member of one of these houses and will remain with that house for their entire stay at St. Peter’s ACHS College School. Everything a student does during his career at our school is representative of the house. Points are earned by students through various areas and activities and are totalled at the end of the school year. The house with the most points will be presented with the Championship House Plaque.


A Rank Leadership System is promoted at our school. Just as sports teams have a captain and assistants all our students at our school are encouraged to achieve some form of rank status. The Rank system is set up to help other students, staff and the school, it promotes high academics and leadership skills. The rank system provides students with a mentor and teaches them to resolve conflict and problem solve as well as set goals to improve. Ranks assist in school government and are taught to help the students around them.


Students at our school are tested on a regular basis. At ACHS College School, assessment is ongoing, and is gathered from a variety of methods and observations. Parents and students receive a written report evaluating the students’ performance and achievement a minimum of three times per year. Parents are kept up to date with daily log sheets, personal interviews and phone calls.

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