The academic component of our school life is focused, with our efforts aimed at assisting each boy in reaching his full potential. Students work independently at their own level and speed in a highly disciplined environment. We appeal to all learning styles which enables the students to work more effectively which enables students to experience greater success.

The school has integrated various teaching philosophies in education and stresses maximum hands on, and visual concepts, derived from the Montessori Foundations of education. Students have great influence in the school with regards to its policies, discipline, conduct, and program. They take ownership of their education and assist in governing the student body. At the St. Peter’s ACHS College School, students are expected to work hard and can do so with confidence in a comfortable setting.


From Grade One to Grade Eight, every student throughout the school uses the computer every day. Additionally, each student receives his own laptop, which allows students to work interactively with their classroom teacher.

Older students also receive instruction in computer programming and development.

A Day in the Life of an ACHS Boy…

Class size is very important at our school. To be most effective we have set up our classes to have no more than 15 students per classroom for grades 1-2 and no more than 20 students per classroom grades 3-8. The overall student/staff ratio is 10:1. Our classes are kept small enough to ensure that students get a great deal of attention, support, and individualized instruction from their teachers.

Our school day begins at 8:15 a.m. sharp with the singing of our national anthem followed by prayers and inspection. Most mornings are devoted to the study of communication skills including Spelling, Grammar, Creative Writing, Reading, Comprehension, French, Computers, Handwriting and Math. Afternoons are usually set aside for Leadership Development, Religion, History, Science, Geography, Health, Outdoor Education and Art.

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